Mike is definitely a creative genius by my definition. "In 2020 my live event business was completely wiped out by COVID-19, but Mike helped me pivot online in just days, which expanded my reach from hundreds of participants attending my programs a year to thousands, and increased my revenue exponentially. My phenomenal next level success owes very much to Mike's genius ability to tap into the heart of my work and craft both the message and the platforms online  that have attracted and served my global audience."

William Whitecloud

Bestselling Author and Creative Development Coach

Mike and Dionne are the coaching team for coaches.  As individuals they each bring a unique set of skills and experience through decades of personal and spiritual development. As a team, their ability to cut through the crap and unearth the gold is phenomenal. Equal measure of gentle enquiry and precise insight takes you to your truth without question, all the while feeling held in a space where full permission is given for you to reveal all of it; the dark, the light, the messy and the ugly.  My experience with Dionne and Mike has helped me to get out of my head and out of the way, to live more deeply connected and aligned with the truth of my heart and enjoy a life that is more creatively powerful. I'm so grateful these two are on the planet right now sharing their magic.

Monique Bevan

Entrepreneur & Empowerment Coach

What can I say? Working with Mike and Dionne at this level has allowed me to reconnect with the sacred, souful part of me that I painfully lost in the business of fearful egoic life. With love and skillful tenderness they gave me the courage to walk through a door of greater potential and possibilities, and of living in alignment with an inspiring new vision of what my life's work truly is.

Tim Lea

Wholistic Health Trainer

Once Dionne and Mike helped me let my creative Genie out of the bottle they were also there to lovingly guide me to make it real.  It felt like they were able to nudge me to wake up to the person I'd enlisted to be but had been sidetracked too for such a long time.  I love them, they have a luscious integrity and I am grateful they are sharing their gold.

Kelena Hynes

Art and Design Entrepreneur

Having Dionne as mentor and coach was absolutely divine. She is warm, welcoming, supportive and amazingly intuitive. Dionne has the gift of seeing truth and calling it. She genuinely cares deeply and is invested in assisting you to grow and succeed. Dionne was there for me every step of the way and more. I feel truly blessed to have been guided by such a heartfelt and selfless human. 

Mara Lupieri

Steiner Primary Teacher

My passion is renovating and investing and I wanted to teach that. Mike's been a big part of my business and personal growth, giving me the confidence to help others with their renovation projects. He was able to help me to get really clear about who I was trying to help, the people I was trying to reach and helped me formulate and craft a message that has resulted in consistent sales. In fact, since I started working with Mike, my student numbers have grown from five to over 530 with my sales revenue going from a few thousand dollars per year to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.
Most importantly, I feel like I'm in my sweet spot. So every day I'm doing what I love, which makes everything in life much easier and I'm having a bigger impact.

Belinda Smith

Property Investor and Investment/Renovation Educator